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Health and Wealth to
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Team Highlight

Get to know the team members who put the HEART in Kardia’s heart-centered businesses.

Bob Hearn
Chief Operations Officer

Bob unites the concepts of strong teams, healthy processes and efficiency as our VP Operations. His level-headed approach and passion for seamless collaboration and internal systems has allowed Kardia to elevate not only it’s day-to-day activities, but the very way we uplift our teams and partners.

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On You

In Greek, ‘Kardia’ means ‘heart’ and it’s seen as the center of all human experiences. Heart is what we keep at the centre of all of ours. 

At Kardia, we believe that the financial services industry should be focused on helping people truly get to the heart of their financial goals, even if you’re facing major financial changes, like a credit fix or a home purchase, or just looking to plan for the future. Kardia specializes in unique solutions that will change how you see your money. 


You’ll feel the difference from the moment you reach out to us, because from that point forward, our entire focus is on you. 

We will educate you, get you on the right financial track and support you every step of the way because we believe that it’s our responsibility to provide you with the superior solutions to build your bright financial future.

We Make It
Easy for Everyone,
At Any Stage

Finding the right direction to reach your financial goals can be confusing. We’re here to help you make sense of it all. Whether you want to save more money, lose less of it or spend it in the right way, our experts will help you find your perfect strategy. 

With over a dozen heart-centered divisions, we have a team of professionals ready to support you through customized services and client care that will make you feel empowered to build the life you’ve been dreaming about.

Our Services


Our Kardia Concierge has been specifically designed to match you with the right team member and the right solution!

The financial industry requires many different types of expertise, which is why a Kardia Concierge team member will take your general financial goals, and then connect you with the services and teams you need to get started and grow with your new financial strategy.

With so many services under one roof and the Kardia Concierge to guide you, you’ll get all the tools for success, along with a team of qualified professionals, who actually care about you, cheering you on!actually care, cheering you on.


This is the first step to the next chapter of your financial journey. Fill in the information below to connect directly to one of our teams, or reach out to let us know you want some help. We’ll take it from there!