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News Article Title #4

The City of Calgary is about to witness a ground-breaking development with the 17th Ave Revitalization Project. This innovative project is aimed at filling the housing shortage gap and the lack of accessible health care, while it also improves food and energy security in the city.

The project consists of four towers on the east end of 17th Ave, near the Saddledome in Downtown Calgary. These four towers will deliver 721 residential units, 120,000 SF of office, commercial and retail space, 30,000 SF of essential medical-care facilities, and a 50,000 SF of hotel (short term rental) space.

But there is more to the 17th Ave Revitalization than filling a housing shortage gap. It is also about defining an innovative model of smart, eco-friendly development for the City of Calgary. The Project will implement new eco-technologies showcasing how real estate development can positively impact the planet.

Kardia, the development company behind the project, has partnered with PowerLoop and Green Cube to provide green energy sources and access to fresh locally available produce to the residents of the four developments and the surrounding community. Each of the Green Cube vertical farms that Kardia will implement in the developments will provide an estimated 17,000 lbs of readily available local produce per year. In addition, PowerLoop’s electrical energy installation will produce 1.5mW, enough to meet most of the electrical consumption required for the development projects. 

The profitability of the project, as well as its ability to provide job and skills transfer, address the housing shortage and the lack of accessible health care, and also increase food and energy security, are part of the key objectives of the project.

Additionally, the 17th Ave Revitalization Project will provide approximately 400 permanent jobs through the office, commercial, retail, medical and hotel (short term rental) spaces, as well as 500+ temporary construction jobs for the City of Calgary. 

The 17th Ave Revitalization Project is ready to launch, and all deliverables, including occupancy permits, are projected to be completed in 2028.