Change The World
With Us!

Change The
With Us!


Kardia is a Canadian-based development and management company focused on building eco-systems and economies in countries around the world, to solve the issues of hunger, affordable housing, waste management and access to other life-sustaining resources. We do that by specializing in four verticals:

Real Estate

Developing self-sustaining communities, commercial properties and residential projects in North America and worldwide, that encompass sustainable technologies, are Kardia’s forte.

Eco Technology

Kardia opens new markets and world-wide opportunities for eco technology – companies with disruptive and proven tech in the green energy, waste management, digital connectivity, eco-construction and food security sectors.


Access to education is a must for people and communities to grow and thrive, that is why Kardia offers financial literacy and real estate investing training, early childhood and youth education, business masterminds and business consulting, to improve the quality of life for all.

Local Businesses

Small businesses are the backbone of every economy around the world. Kardia brings new businesses to market and partners with existing ones, to create a better quality of life and greater economic stability in all our communities.

Kardia is on a mission to heal the planet and create a more fulfilling life for the people on it. We bring together all the elements that create self-sustaining eco-systems and economies inside our communities, to better the people in them, so we can all work together to better the world.

Creates Impact

We face world-wide problems of hunger, housing, waste management, electrical shortages, and digital connectivity. Those issues are highlighting the massive gaps that people experience around the world.

Kardia is closing those gaps.

While most companies specialize in only one area of expertise, Kardia looks at the bigger picture, factors in the global problems, then develops a strategic plan to create viable solutions to serve and support the people and the planet.  

We differ from other developers because we take the time to build profit centres inside each project, creating new products, businesses and jobs.

For example, the produce from the vertical farms can be purchased by wholesalers, local businesses and residents; and top-grade fertilizer, biofuel and blocks for housing construction, can be made from organics and plastic with the waste management system we use, to be sold to wholesalers, retailers or directly to residents. That opens other opportunities for jobs like delivery drivers, waste collectors, plastic processers and more.  

As a result, our impact reaches farther than the original construction or use of the eco-technology.

Kardia’s vision is huge, and we can’t bring it to life alone. That is why we deliver new market opportunities to other people and companies, with a like-minded vision, to help us change the world.  


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