Welcome to Kardia

We are an impact driven and heart centred boutique management consulting firm, with a global reach. We are committed to creating responsible communities that are socially accountable, environmentally sustainable and promote economic growth. We unlock the full potential of our communities by focusing on four key areas: Sustainable Real Estate, Food and Water Security, Green Energy Production, and Wellness and Healthcare. To enable our mission, we partner with businesses of all sizes that embody our culture and ethos. Together, we develop vibrant, thriving communities with sustainable futures.

Christan Hiscock

Chief Operations Officer and Director

Christan Hiscock is the Co-Founder and COO of Kardia. He is passionate about building the businesses that enable Kardia’s responsible communities and continually advancing the operational systems, procedures, projects and businesses inside Kardia’s global enterprise.

He uses more than two decades of experience in business, along with his training as a financial advisor, to guide his heartfelt and visionary thinking. Christan loves building the teams that look at the bigger picture, factor in global problems, and develop a strategic plan to create viable solutions to serve and support people and planet.

When not working on Kardia’s big vision, he spends his time with the love of his life, his wife Lindsey, and their family.