Welcome to Kardia

We are an impact driven and heart centred boutique management consulting firm, with a global reach. We are committed to creating responsible communities that are socially accountable, environmentally sustainable and promote economic growth. We unlock the full potential of our communities by focusing on four key areas: Sustainable Real Estate, Food and Water Security, Green Energy Production, and Wellness and Healthcare. To enable our mission, we partner with businesses of all sizes that embody our culture and ethos. Together, we develop vibrant, thriving communities with sustainable futures.

Carolin Gallardo

Chief Business Development Officer and Director

Carolin Gallardo is the embodiment of empowerment and compassion for people, the earth, and the planet. She continually puts her heart and soul into building bold organizations that inspire and improve the lives of others – while making a big impact in the world of real estate, eco developments, and eco-technology.

To Carolin, building holistic communities and sustainable developments that include ecological farming, net-zero waste management systems, renewable energy sources, and built-in profit centres, that also support and heal the earth and ocean, was the only logical step for Kardia to take. As a master connector, she knows all it would take is the gathering of the right minds, all focused in a single direction. Using the skills she acquired as a social worker, and her education in real estate investing, she now partners with the people designing sustainable developments, utilizing next-generation eco-technology and green building techniques, to make a lasting impact on the world.

When she isn’t focused on making a global impact, Carolin dedicates her time to her family and surfs whenever she can.