Our Companies

We love business! But even more, we LOVE heart-centred businesses. When we lead with heart, we develop strong, confident people on our teams. Those people get to bring their strengths to our communities and ultimately to the world, as the positivity ripples outward.

Check out Kardia’s companies and how each makes their unique impact:


Kardia Communities is an intentional global real estate investing company that uses a fine blend of investing and philanthropy – we seek to do good as we do well. With that in mind, our projects and ecologically sustainable developments support the people, the communities and the planet.  

The Creative Real Estate Academy provides courses and mentoring to anyone who wants to build a portfolio from scratch, even if they have little or no money to put down. Even experienced investors benefit when the learn how to purchase real estate without having to tie up excess capital.   

Kardia Financial Advisors are passionate about your financial future and wellbeing. We offer a wide range of services that provide dynamic and unique angles to build and preserve your wealth, so you can establish a financial legacy that gives you and your family financial stability now and into the future. Kardia Financial Group is licensed with the MGA PPI Financial.

Oneiro Capital Management provides impact investment opportunities for mindful people who are looking for ethical investments, with excellent financial returns that also have a positive impact on the people, communities and world around them.  

Kardia Eco Tech works with the most progressive people and companies in the eco technology space. We partner in ventures that develop food security, with sustainable farming practices and products. Our initiatives help to reduce the carbon footprint by incorporating complete waste management systems and natural energy sources. We build in profit centres for our properties and projects, so we can create profitable and ethical business ventures with local entrepreneurs. On top of that, we also develop even greater local sustainability through our philanthropic ventures.  

THE RESULT: Our eco technology supports people and their communities, while we heal the earth and the oceans too.  

Located in Costa Rica, Kardia Eco Developments offers a unique mix of real estate, lifestyle experiences and commercial opportunities, with a full focus on preservation practices, biodiversity, sustainability, art and culture, technology and hospitality. It’s like no other urbanization on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. 

Kardia Communities

Kardia Communities is a Global Real Estate investing company, completely focused on making a huge impact for our clients and the communities we serve.


Kardia Mortgage

Kardia Mortgage will changes the way mortgages are offered by creating a heart-centered experience that brings you towards you homeownership goals.


Kardia Financial Advisors

A Kardia Financial Advisor will bring you peace of mind and the confidence you need to know that you are making the right financial decisions for you and your loved ones now, and for years to come.


NGT Services Inc.

Whether you want to start small or completely re-invent your space, NGT services provides top-tier services for your renovation needs. Located in Calgary, AB.


RenoVatio Construction Inc.

RenoVatio changes the renovation experience with unique, high-quality craftmanship that delivers a space that truly reflects you and your personal style.


Kardia Capital Partners

Kardia Capital Partners makes private investments and professional portfolio management connections brilliantly simple.


Ploutos Financial

Ploutos Financial brings sophisticated, heart-centered wealth solutions to your financial future.