Meet The Team

Make lasting change through generations. That’s what we do at Kardia. Through every division and every person we welcome into our family.

We do it because too many people struggle with their self-worth and belief in themselves. For many, at the centre of it, is financial insecurity causing turmoil.

Kardia was born from the desire to change the financial services industry through heart-centered services that keep the focus on what’s truly important: the people.

Kardia was founded in 2017 by three driven entrepreneurs who, after years of working in the world of financial services, decided to make a change in the way they did their business. Partnering with other heart-centered financial professionals, six companies came together
under the Kardia name.

Today the network of Kardia companies and leaders has grown to over a dozen, each with a team dedicated to changing the way the industry operates and the way you see your money.

Kardia delivers a new perspective on the financial services industry, with a team that brings diverse perspectives to the table. Each partner has years of experience in their respective financial services area, and a passion to touch the lives of every single Canadian, and beyond.

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Meet Them?

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